4 Key Criteria For Selecting The Best ERP System

Companies in Sri Lanka are growing and evolving rapidly, and it is apparent that the systems in place to facilitate operations need to adapt accordingly. Enterprise Research Planning (ERP) software solutions integrate various functional areas and business processes, with the ultimate goal of enhancing operational efficiencies, boosting visibility of overall company performance and improving employee productivity.

Implementing an ERP system in any company in Sri Lanka requires considerable organizational resources and a careful planning and selection process. There are various ERP systems available in the market, and selecting the right one is no easy task. Here are four important aspects to consider when deciding the best ERP system for your company.

Is the ERP platform scalable and flexible?

Functional requirements change along the way in any organization, and you should be able to look beyond the standard features offered by the ERP system, and see if they can be customized to adapt to your business requirements down the line.

Is the ERP platform easy to use and contextualize?

No matter how excellent the ERP software and implementation is, success or failure of an ERP platform depends on how it is judged by the end users, who make use of the system to accomplish their roles. Therefore it is essential that the platform is easy to use and contextualize, which increases user productivity.

What do similar companies have to say?

Find out customer recommendations, testimonials or case studies from similar companies or organizations that use the same solution, so you can get an idea of the implementation process and how well the software works for other similar companies.

What about budget and costs?

Different ERP systems have different costs – and the highest priced is not necessarily the best for your company needs. Those that require advanced functionality can opt for higher priced systems, while those with less complex criteria can choose a moderately priced solution. It is important to remember that ERP systems that are implemented properly are an investment that will provide a return, so you should consider long-term implementation costs.

Finding a new ERP system for your company is a challenging task – but one that is worth the effort. If successfully done, your ERP system will open unlimited business opportunities for your company